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The Facility


Sol Studio is owned and operated by Capoeira El Paso (CEP), Inc. which has been in the Southwest since 2001 and has operated as a non-profit organization since 2007.  Part of CEP's mission is to facilitate the spread of various movement arts throughout the Southwest.  The creation of Sol Studio brings our organization closer to accomplishing that mission.


Sol Studio is located at 4106 Montana (map) in the heart of El Paso.  This location makes the studio more accessible to people living throughout the city and even in neighboring areas including Las Cruces and Juarez.  Sol Studio has a 650 square-foot sprung hardwood dance floor, making it perfect for all style of dance and movement arts.  The style of floor helps to cushion the joints of the dancer, preserving the thing most important to moving -- the body itself. 


Our space is available to rent by the hour, day, week, or month.  Just contact us and we will be able to develop an agreement that is perfect for all parties.

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