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4106 Montana Ave

El Paso, Texas 79903



For Information on specific classes, please contact the individual instructor:     

Capoeira: Jon-Michael Blowe or Lori Navarrete 915-996-1814


RIFS Fusion Dance: Darlina Marie 915-345-6353

 Dance Fitness: Anna Perales 915-613-6332

Bujinkan Ninjutsu: Alex Martinez 956-319-8224

Partner Dance: Juan Manuel 915-258-2401

XCO Latin by Jackie: Martha Bejerano 575-942-8826

Zumbini: Robyn England 310-595-5197

Pound: Carrie Carter 919-257-1787

Tai Chi: Wolf Carter 915-356-4194

Yoga: Cathy Sifuentes 915-667-4561

Samba Alma de Fogo: Lori Navarrete 915-996-1814

 Samba Dance: Isabela dos Santos 915-216-0582 or                                                                Jon Williams 915-667-0309

For general information or to rent studio space: