Class Descriptions


  • A ritualistic form of self-defense demanding physical discipline that fuses martial arts, dance, and acrobatics. It originated among African slaves in Brazil and is the only martial art done with music. For teens 14 years to adults.  The cord system follows that of the United Capoeira Association. 



  • Get your child involved! We offer two classes a week geared for kids ages 7-13. The essentials are taught in a fun manner that builds strength, coordination and self-defense as well as musical abilities.  This class uses a modified version of the adult cord system and Axé cards to mark a child's progress, so they are fully prepared to enter the adult classes when they reach the appropriate age and skill level. 




  • This kinder capoeira class is perfect for your 3-6 year old and you! Take the class together and learn the fun of Capoeira! Emphasis is on coordination, rhythm, and basic movement. Classes are offered twice a week.




  • A Japanese martial art focusing on locks, throws, chokes and strikes. Traditional weapons are also used. Meditation and awareness of community are key aspects to progressing. Classes are open to teens and adults. 







XCO Latin by Jackie

  • This is a recently developed fitness form combining Latin movement and music with athletics. It emphasizes work on toning the core, arms and back. 






  • This is a fast-paced class that uses different forms of dance movements but also incorporates toning and muscle-building/strengthening exercises. This is great for those looking to lose weight and tone up. The instructor helps track your progress to help you reach weight loss goals. 


  • Using Riptix, a type of drumstick, this heart-pounding class will have you rocking out to the beat of the music using the sticks as motivators and weights. The class is designed as a fast-paced aerobiv and cardio workout that also works all major muscle groups.