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Luna is a dancer and student of art and their mystical cultures, their spirituality, and their folklore. She is considered by Mexican communities as a specialist and pioneer in teaching Gypsy and Tribal dances from the Thaar desert, including the Kalbelia gypsy dance, Rajasthani Gypsy Tribal Fusion, and India fusion, incorporating her own style into each style. She also specializes in gypsy, tribal, and folk dances from other gypsy communities which she still keeps researching.


Luna immersed herself in the Thaar desert from Rajasthan and surrounding states, including Gujarat, Punjab and others from India, as well as the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Afghanistan. She followed the gypsy route from its origins, studying and living through long seasons and researching local tribes' philosophy, history, customs, fashion, their ways of using jewelry, music, dances, crafts, medicine, symbols and mystical meanings that make them unique. 


*She studied in India, Mexico, and USA.

*She studied 3 seasons at the Shakti School of dance in Rajasthan, India.

*Luna continues to research the gypsy and tribal dances from Rajasthan, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, as well as their fusions.

She has also introduced herself in the Classical Odissi Dance from India, Classical Kathak dance technique, Bollywood dance, and Turkish Romani dance.



Sonia Ochoa, Collena Shakti, Anna Sawatzky, Malik Derbake, Hanna Romanowsky, Sundari, Giselle Sibyl, Sedona Soulfire, and artists from India such as: 

Senu Sapera, Sua Devi (Dancer from the Documentary Latcho Drom) Queen Harish, Raki Khalbelia, Shanti Sapera (Krishna Sapera, Solanki Nathu, (Anita Sapera),  and from Mexico,  Local Artists from Michoacan and Guanajuato, Among others.



Odissi Dance Guru is Shri Sudhansu Puhan (Orissa).

Rajasthani Dances And India Fusion Guru is Gulabi Sapera (Jaipur, Rajasthan).



*She has had the honor of dancing in India for wonderful musicians from Rajasthan, like SOLANKI NATHU LAL "(Nathulal Solanki and Band), and performing for this musician and his band in Rajasthan, India, as part of her  2013 International Tour, in addition to Ofir Uziel (San Francisco, CA) and Samuel Wornom (Lyon, France) with the Kalbelia dancing community.

She has also performed with the famous folk collective from Jaisalmer "KUTLE KAHN PROJECT" at the Jaipur Literature Festival during her visit to India 2015-2017.

She has also danced with marvelous dancers from the Kalbelia Tribe, including Sua Devi, Sunita Sapera and Shanti Sapera, Raki Kalbelia and her Guru Gulabo Sapera. 

For additional details, please visit her website:


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