Instrutor Vagalume

Instrutor Vagalume (Jon-Michael Blowe) is the lead instructor of Capoeira El Paso, under the United Capoeira Association (UCA). He started training capoeira in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 2005 and demonstrated such enthusiasm and commitment as a young student after just two years, he was granted permission to start the El Paso school, a rare occurrence in capoeira where most students are not given this responsibility until after several years of training. Since then, Mr. Blowe has worked diligently to grow the school and raise awareness of capoeira in the city. He currently is blue/yellow cord and travels as much as possible to other events in order to continue his own training and increase his knowledge of capoeira. His goal is to make the El Paso school as big as possible and ensure every El Pasoan recognizes capoeira and has the opportunity to learn this art. His steadfast eagerness is unwavering and continues to be the guiding force in developing the school. 

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