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Yvonne Aguirre

I am a 20-year old certified BUTI® Yoga Instructor, born and raised in El Paso, Texas. I have been building my own yoga practice for about two years. Ever since graduating high school, I have been on a quest for knowledge of my true essence and yoga has been a big part of that, aside from daily experiences. Every day is a wonderful lesson within lessons,  shaping me to be the influential person I want to be in this evolving world. I know I am here to assist my human family in doing the same through the power of love and truth.

I found Buti® Yoga (no, not booty) a few months ago and I fell in love instantly. The power yoga, tribal dance, and plyometrics were a perfect blend of movements that gave me an inexplicable feeling during and after practice.  


Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means the cure to something hidden away or kept secret. It was originally used in reference to Aryuvedic herbs which were considered Jadi Buti. Jadi means of the Earth, or of herbs. The practice was founded by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold when she identified a need for a more evolved practice to fit the lifestyle of the present day, busy human. She integrated a series of abdominal techniques, movement of energy, and activation of chakras within the practice. Buti can help you uncover parts of yourself that have been needing to be integrated into your life; or different things energetically that are happening in your body that can really activate you to live a more complete, abundant, energetic life. Most of us in today's society have been conditioned through the media to seek external validation. We at Buti Yoga believe that the only long-term, sustainable transformation has to come from within, and that is exactly what the practice ignites.

It’s time to put an end to the competition and division. My goal is to unite women through the power of this practice. Let’s connect and thrive together through the power of this practice! Come join the tribe!

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