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Membership Prices


Adults (ages 14+)

One-Year Contract (automatic withdrawal)  $85/month


No Contract (pay month-to-month)


One-Year Contract Active Military

(automatic withdrawal)


Three-Month One Time Payment


Six-Month One Time Payment


One-Year One Time Payment



Non-Member 8-class punch card



Per class  







One-Year Contract (automatic withdrawl) 


Per Month-Non-contract


Three-Month One Time Payment


Six-Month One Time Payment


One-Year One Time Payment


Per class


Kinder  (ages 3-7)

Kids   (ages 7-13)


Family Plans


If 2 or more people in your family (any age) are training Capoeira, the family plan is for you! You all get to train for one price.


One-Year Contract

(automatic withdrawl) 


One-Year Contract Active Military

(automatic withdrawl)


Six-Month Lump Sum Payment


One-Year One Time Payment


**Good for up to 5 people in one household. If there are more 6 or more people, add $5/month for each additional person. 

Private Classes


Samba Dance, Latin Dance, Ballroom Dance instruction, Wedding/Quince Choreography and more can be provided as private sessions. These must be coordinated directly with the individual instructor for scheduling and pricing. Contact us for details. 


Latin Dance


Per Month


These classes are taught as a 4-week series that begins the first Friday every month.



To Be Confirmed



Animal Motion


Per Class



Studio Rental


Per hour


6 Pre-Paid Hours


12 Pre-Paid Hours




Dance Fitness-Bodytonic


To Be Confirmed



Heels Development


$20 per class

$60 per month


* For all Capoeira contracts, you are agreeing to pay for the duration of the contract period. The only conditions in which contracts may be cancelled before they expire are the following:

1) the payer is active military and has been reassigned/deployed to a location outside El Paso;

2) the payer moves outside of El Paso city limits; 3) or the payer experiences a sudden financial hardship.

Any request to cancel early must be made in writing to the instructor and/or Sol Studio staff 45 days before the contract expires. No other reason than these identified will be considered to cancel a contract early. 

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